XMPP client installation:

alternative chat tool

server software 

no centralisation, it is possible to make xmpp accounts on self hosting servers that can then talk to each other. there are also companies which can host accounts on their servers


Install XMPP client
Find and get a client of your taste (Suggestions: Android&Conversations (free in fdroid), Linux&Gajim, Mac&Gajim, iOS&ChatSecure, Windows&Gajim, linux&mac, http://www.profanity.im/, chromeOS :https://github.com/dodo/chrome-xmpp, Mac: https://pidgin.im/ ) https://homebrewserver.club//picking-modern-xmpp-clients.html

To install f-droid: www.f-droid.org , you can download from the phone

XMPP acount on complex.local
We will register an account on the XMPP server at complex.local.
This can be done from your client.
Register an account on complex.local. 
For some reason, registering only works with the ip-address

Example: username@ (with gajim if it does not work try without @
Username: yourname

Join the general public MUC (MUC=multi user chat), which is called "welcome". Select "Join group chat" and join welcome@muc.complex.local
Room: welcome
Server: muc.complex.local

There is another room called 'updates':
Room: updates
Server: muc.complex.local

To make a new muc:

At the moment there is one bot along us.
It's the printing-bot, that listens in the muc updates@muc.complex.local
Any message send to this groupchat will be printed by the bot. 
The fetcher (one of the special tasks) will make sure that the printed messages will be put on the walls of the cafe.
The code of the bot is on complex.local/xmpp-bots/printing-bot.

Reading suggestion
If in need for more detailed directions, have a look at the homebrew server club guide:


xmpp notes:


Bots session

welcome bot
https://gitlab.com/relearn/relearn2017 (soon)
$ pip install argparse logging sleekxmpp pyasn1 pyasn1_modules

Possible role of the bots

For the bots we use the library SleepXMPP. 

XMPP Vocabulary