Reroam 2017

NOT FOR BACKWARDS LOOKING (but for reference)

history of reroam : a trackless discussion about relearn happening in different times and spaces during the sessions
giving sense to point also relations between what we do at relearn and at other part of the years

This year in the 'not so utopian open source pedagogies' already maybe broaches the gap between Relearn and Real world

relearn as a critical project 

Re-roam / Uncertain care supergroup

Reflexion on what Re-learn is, what brings us here. Why is it called a summer school? Encounter with educational structures? How to continue during the rest of the year? What are the urgencies for being here / giving sense to the other practices we do during the year.

How is Re-learn a critical project - of education? In the tools that we use?

Reroam was also the place for thinking-reflecting on methodology, approach to these situations.

Reroam 2016: challenging the 'Relearn bubble' & time frame: can Relearn happen throughout the year?
        proposals: reading group, watching group (meet on a pad and watch a movie together)
        alternative education and anarchist pedagogies
        make the organisation of Relearn part of Relearn itself on the mailing list (ex of organization of hackmeetings in italy)

Proposals for this afternoon:
    * Modes to continue relearn modes inbetween summer gathering.. Could try these again this year
    * Mailing list could be more active throughout the year (no fear about spamming)
    * Openness to local communities , opening up to things inside, readjusting to other questions, method
    * Relearn fascination for its own structure, XMPP craze ( is it technofetishist? ) - why is it this way ? it's the everyday practices of many people, but not all (spending a morning talking about tools). Materiality and critical potential of these tools? The particular interactions they make possible: simultaneous editing in etherpad.
    * the way the tools change at different relearn sessions (it was discussed yesterday during the networked archive track). 
    * anecdote of how embarassing to use a pen or pad? Is private notetaking incompatible with Re-learn?
    * etherpad: public note-taking, know how to install / use. 

Sedimentation of Re-learn (etherpad geology?)

A poem:
    we have to be like cows 
    spit out the coalescense

structured moments or not? keep it flexibe or strict schedule
spontaneous things  are missing
observe the energies and decide


About this specific edition:
About bringing relearn to poortgebouw, part of the thematic was the co-autonomies. how did it influence the way tracks came up or in general how did people and machines react to it...
2013-2014 the place was self-organized and things could be completely decided on times/space/relation..
from 2015 we entered in relation with hosting places, like zinneke and calafou, more things to be negotiated and translated.
what does the network formed by these places consists of..
How to engage more with local community?
intensity: the cost / privilege of attending Relearn, taking a week off

Good to note also that for Relearn in Rotterdam, we tried to actively speak of it as a 'collective learning expriment' as opposed to a summer school, because that qualifier is quite convoluted here, there are many summer schools that are like design master classes that cost 800€ a week

new thing : people coming in and out of relearn

Requires a lot of infrastructure, digital and social to set up, shorter relearn might not be possible/worth it.

the amount of people joining this year for the first time is more or less equal to the amount of previous relearners

interested in "in between", at different part of the year, perhaps a few only
would it be possible to maintain a habit of meeting up online? (FORUM!)
Work to prepare track / combine tracks before relearn; is there energy to continue this after?

Structured moments? As a way of breaking up the day?
Requirement that participants attend all five days?
Better timekeeping / scheduling?
        Partial structuring: maybe mornings to get people to come?

What about switching tracks? Previous editions have engineered this into the schedule, but this year this decision has been left to everyone's preference
This year nobody has switched groups until now, but! there have been impromptu skill sharing sessions

table to fix things
table to learn how to break up properly

tour of the tracks : 10 minutes max per track

headless design
experiments with command line, pipe... colors within the picture of lenna
need : reflect on the notion of the manifest/(wo)manifesto
feedback : looking at the history of the usage of Lenna (also usage of Fabio)
men track (& women track - collective care)

networked archive
physical git exercise, description of archive, discussion about the purpose of archive. experiment : the use of git is not so pratical for documentation/archive (diff doesn't work on .doc, .pdf...). discussion about the mediawiki of the Poortegebouw archive. discussion of the power relation within git. 
need : is the track alive ? most of the people on the track are no longer there

collective care
who made the title ? 
starting with karisa's research corpus
choice to focus on openAPS, a system to build artifical pancreas. a way to address open source development, users as patients & patients as users, technosolutionism
need : come up with ideas of things to do. give us some irony. 
feedback : looking at what relearn feels, how relearn writes, etc. question of voyeurism. ideally there is no insider/outsider divide. 

not so utopian open source pedagogies
discussion about problem with open source : readings. yesterday, discussion about cake : irony, autonomy. how the cake relate to software ? 
expectations & goals discussed on the first day. idea to make a fanzine with cutup texts (or summaries of text) and images. 
how one design their own pattern of critique, close loop critique (in relation to openaps case) - asymetrical discussion
discussion about techno-fetishization, clicktivism
carrying on the reroam discussion with everybody ?
need : a cake recipe

external element to create tension/rupture
Could relarn be nomadic?
what is relearn without a server?
importance of the infrastructure
too structured-specific time and space for tracks, hard to shuffle, divert-->the in between times are the ones in which we are really together --more relaxed thinking
everything is planned for relearn autumn-school  on an island in Greece. We have decided.  
"The nomad has a territory; he follows customary paths; he goes from one point to another; he is not ignorant of points (water points, dwelling points, assembly points, etc.). . . . every point is a relay and exists only as a relay. A path is always between two points, but the in-between has taken on all the consistency and enjoys both an autonomy and a direction of its own. The life of the nomad is the intermezzo." - Deleuze and Guattari

Pay for track organizers : re-emphasizes the teacher/student distinction.
But also gives track organizers the ability to commit to the track and to take the time to prepare material / exercises, etc. Recognizes the labor of initiating the track.
To say that everyone come in the same way is to bracket the differences - jobs that offer time off, that pay for participation, etc.

How does relearn position itself relative to contexts in which we choose, and the context of all the other summer schools that exist?
Relearn is to re-think what it is to learn / skills v. knowledge.  
Critique of technology (through technology)
Critique of education (through pedagogy)
Performative critiques of authoritarianism

Feminist methodology at work
Conversations between people with very different skill sets are possible here that is not possible in many other contexts
Movement rather than a school: intentions, attitudes, diversions, and the passage of ideas.

One week per year opens the possibility of more relaxed, open conversation.
Important to always have new people to make the conversations fresh, include new topics and perspectives.
Important to not have too many tracks, and to have diversity between them. Merging tracks is in this case a good thing, although maybe the combinations have been a bit forced/ maybe too quick?

Beer and curry?