Relearn 2017

Day 3- 31/08

a range of substitutive elements for cakes or how to make a cake without Google & Super Market

for-to flour:

raising agents:

1. Find something dry and starchy and pulverize it into flour
2. Mix it with an equal amount of something pulverized that is full of plant protein
3. Take an amount of oil or fat equal to the dry ingredients and mix it with something sweet until light and creamy, and then fold in the dry ingredients
4. Add some stewed fruit, preferably something suitable for jam (apple or stone fruits) until the consistency is almost liquid
5. Add a pinch of salt
6. Grease the container
7. Place over or in some source of moderate heat for 20-30 minutes or until solid

    1 chickpea-rice-soya butter-apple cake
    1 bread-petit beurre--soya butter-apple crumble