Relearn 2017 wannabe index ��
here a list of things to write about to explain Relearn 2017 to the outside world, maybe this can come to be on until next installment

4 tracks

* Not So Utopian Open Source Pedagogies
* Collective Care Transmission Forms
* Ransom Headlessness In The Design
* Versioned Networked Archive

someone should write about cakes  tribute to the track that never happened "radical cake production"/"the considerate cake track"
Cake: food with a taste dominated by a particular class of chemicals extracted from certain intensively grown plants heavily extracted through the use of slave and indentured labor during the history, continuing in the present day, of oppressive imperial/colonial regimes of Europe and North America, chemicals that produce mild feelings of euphoria, as well as increased risk of diabetes and obesity in those who consume it; food with a pleasanty soft texture and a slight resistance on the tounge, often delivered to recipients in exchange for money or as a "gift" under conditions of oppression, including gender inequality in the home, unequal labor relations, and/or in celebration of friendship, collectivity, or as a memorial of certain significant life events, especially those which are involved in reproducing gendered domestic relationships, such as birth and marriage; especially in the context of food consumption following a meal, often in excess of necessary nutritional intake, and conferring pleasure and a feeling of satisfaction.
in relation to autonomy (and its difference from autarchy) , a set of ersatz-ingredients were produced in the poortgebouw common kitchen:


---network (not so interesting, quite standard after all)
---xmpp bots 
---acrobatic pad piping

but do we write about these?
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for instance: a pad option to cross out stuff and leave only the questions/examples that better sum up/make accessible the ideas/track whatever
or delete//make it white-->we never get rid of stuff, we always multiply add up infinetely
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feedback on the organisation of relearn, the "theme" co-autonomies, the multi-track experiment, the place, local events, etc (kind of reroam)

How does relearn position itself relative to contexts in which we choose, and the context of all the other summer schools that exist?
Relearn is to re-think what it is to learn / skills v. knowledge.  
Critique of technology (through technology)
Critique of education (through pedagogy)
Critique of the Institution (through autonomy)
Performative critiques of authoritarianism
Practise the theories and theorise the practises

Feminist methodology at work (embodied)
Conversations between people with very different skill sets are possible here that is not possible in many other contexts
Movement rather than a school: intentions, attitudes, diversions, and the passage of ideas.

(for me this "theme" was an introduction of relearn in general and not just for this year session, I mean all these relearns are co-autonomies through time, space and cyberspace)

Multi-track experiment

    history of Poortgebouw and common "mentalities" with Relearn (collectivities, pedagogies...)
Local events:
    Relearn public presentation + Autonomous archive presentation (maybe add a description of what it is)
    Stad in de Maak (presenting works of participants and presentation of the Stad in de Maak history/organisation/..)