To support the array of tools we wanted to have at Relearn this year, we've set up a local network and a local server to allow for outside internet connections but ensure some tools to function properly while on local networks.
By the front door is a server called complex.local

First form groups of three.
One person login as the user relearn

Then that person makes extra user accounts for the each of the three:

It will first ask you to give the password for the user relearn, its entrepot 

Then it will ask you to choose and confirm a password for the new user you made.

Then each user we add to the permission group 'relearn'

Once everyone has a their own user account, you can log in to complex.local with it!

On windows we need to install PuTTY in order to get unix shell  download it from -->
once you install it enter in the Configuration box --> Host:   . Done!