proposal: to navigate the material that we have built and gathered over relearn and today, we'll build a xmpp bot  (or more than one)

some questions to decide..

proposal: have multiple bots yes!

type of materials:
    # crossed out text (e.g. bot serving all the paths that weren't taken in the end)
    parenthesis bot (quite self-explanatory  (?)
    oral histories bot: you add it as a friend and it asks you questions ('what was the most upsetting moment?', 'Your favourite file?') Answers are sourced anonymously and used as output for other moments 
    cake recipes, ingredient substitutions
     feed me-bot: give cake unicode character ( and get answer: Cake: food with a taste dominated by a particular class of chemicals extracted from certain intensively grown plants heavily extracted through the use of slave and indentured labor during the history, continuing in the present day, of oppressive imperial/colonial regimes of Europe and North America, chemicals that produce mild feelings of euphoria, as well as increased risk of diabetes and obesity in those who consume it; food with a pleasanty soft texture and a slight resistance on the tougue, often delivered to recipients in exchange for money or as a "gift" under conditions of oppression, including gender inequality in the home, unequal labor relations, and/or in celebration of friendship, collectivity, or as a memorial of certain significant life events, especially those which are involved in reproducing gendered domestic relationships, such as birth and marriage; especially in the context of food consumption following a meal, often in excess of necessary nutritional intake, and conferring pleasure and a feeling of satisfaction. (from


to run a bot, you could use the bot@ account:
for example:

formats to write in so the bot would interact:

    theory and practice bot! (in theory, there is no difference between theory and practice) (in practice, there is no difference between theory and practice)
    if you have more bots, after some given answers they could ask each other if they agree. yes nice multiple perspectives, pessimistic/optimistic etc
    if you have more bots, you need to approach all of them to get deeper into the archive
    have the possibility to feed the question/answer pads later on, with simple commands
    bots introducing random/specific members of the community (can ask for introduction by skills, countries, languages, cities, etc)
    vocabularies/lexical fields : proposing to use new words - help to expand vocabularies, stories, relations